Concept note



One of the basic aims of education is to bring Harmony. The International Conference on Harmony through Education aims to focus on the important role of education to bring about Harmony in the society through education. Education enables us to develop our capacities so that we can lead fulfilling and dignified lives. We, in Bharat have been nurtured with such a cultural environment where happiness is wished for all and not only for individuals. We have been chanting सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः : - May all be happy! Yet we are facing terrible threats to harmonious living in our country. Besides, we are living in an era of the explosion of information and knowledge. Education is no more the monopoly of certain class or creed. Insight for harmony is something that is installed right from the beginning of the social life and hence, schools can help foster a sense of community and harmony. However, it is a social paradox that even the educated youth are joining suicide squads and indulging in senseless violence. The question is whether the education system can be made sensitive to this challenge. The action includes devising a curriculum that encourages respect for diversity and multi-culturalism; addressing problems of shortages of good teachers; providing infrastructure for schools; and opportunities for lifelong learning. The education system can make an enduring contribution to the building of tolerance and mutual respect that can help transform diversity from being a problem to becoming an asset for harmonious living.