Call For Paper

Requirement and guidance for submitting papers

Themes and Topics

Papers related to all aspects of intelligent systems including theoretical work on agent and multi-agent systems as well as case studies offering insights into agent-based problem solving with empirical or simulation based evidence are welcome.
Conference topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Language, Literature and Society
  •  Language and Culture
  • Culture, Communication and Identity
  • Literary Semantics

  • Representation and Resistance in Literature

  • Literature as Social Discourse
  • Translation : Interaction between Languages

  • Geopolitical Issues in Literature

  • Language, Gender and Power
  • Language in science fiction
  • Oriental Languages and Indian Culture
  • Language as a medium of Commerce, Mangement&Scince

  • Commercial language in current scenario
  • Ethnic Studies through Language and Literature
  • Ethnic Studies

    Interaction between Literature and other Arts   (Visual/Fine/Liberal/Performing)

  • Achieving the Ideal of 'Vasudhaiva Kutmbakam'- One World through language/literature
  • Literature and Cultural History
  • Media and Culture
  • Culture and Religion
  •  Manuscript : Its Genesis and Reflections in Societal Development
  • Role of Language  in History
  • Language and Literature for Human Understanding
  • Oral Literature, Narrative Texts and Narrative Coherence
  • Popular and the Mainstream Language/Literature/Culture

  • Multimedia information processing
  •  Literature, Films and Culture
  • Role of Science Fiction in Development of Science
  • Spirituality and Literature       
  • Manuscript in Jainism   
  • Manuscript in Buddhism
  •  Literature and Gandhian thought
  • Translation and Trans-creation

  • Language of Academic writing
  • Architecture as a Language
  • MStudy of Manuscriptology
  • Human Computer Interaction through Natural Language  Processing               

  • Vedic Mathematics
  • Any other topic relevant to the central theme of the conference