The Conference Aims to Embark at the Long Journey Of the mankind recounting the invention of a language, its usage for communication, invention of documentation and henceforth contributing to a greater extent in the development and growth of a society resulting into the cultural heritage. It also aims to study perpetual flux of change in the nature of language with cultural inferences, adaptability and endeavours to use a language for varied deliberations. In the ever growing global world, communication has become an essential prerequisite and skill. Emergence of the digital society has brought us to the threshold of multiple avenues of communication. Man's efforts to diminish the physical boundaries have exerted the advent of understanding and respecting the multiplicity and complexity of culture. In this scenario language, literature and translations along with the cultural studies as disciplines have become indispensable in the exchange of thoughts, ideas and interactions. The conference is an attempt to provide a platform for the inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary discussions focusing on the central theme along with the sub-themes.